Hand washing

Make favourite

A hand washing system which is easy to use for everyone can be easily made using a bottle or jerry can. Here are some tips for a "do-it-yourself" session:

  • Choose a plastic bottle of 2-3 litres with a hollow handle.  Ensure the bottle has been thoroughly cleaned;
  • Heat the base of the handle with a candle flame until the plastic softens;
  • Squeeze the plastic closed at this spot. Use a hot nail to make a hole above this spot. Make two holes at the same level on the opposite side of the bottle;
  • Use string to hang the bottle from these holes;
  • Fill the bottle three-quarters full with clean water. Put the cap back on;
  • Tip the bottle so that the hollow handle fills with water;
  • Let the bottle swing back. The water in the handle will continue to run out of the small hole long enough for hand washing. 
An adapted bottle being used for washing hands