A bench can be used for bathing, eating, exercising, resting or sleeping, both for persons with disabilities and other family members and is thus a very simple but device.

It takes up a bit more space than a seat or stool, however being used for more than one function the use of space can be justified.

Bathing bench is practical because the persons can put water container, soap and clothes beside them when they sit to bath. This allows for more autonomy as the person can easily bend or reach further for items.

If made in wood, it is advised to paint it to be more moisture resistant and easy to clean and dry.

A bathing bench in wood in front of a jar of water for washing
© Hazel Jones and Bob Reed. 2005

If it is a metal framed bench with rubber (or woven strips or plastic), webbing will provide a better drainage. However, make sure that the webbing is strong enough to be supportive of the body weight. In all cases, plan for a rail at each end of the bench for the user to hold on to for balance and transfer.

A bench with a rubber webbing, low rails on the sides
© Hazel Jones and Bob Reed. 2005